What is the purpose of the MCE Animal Foundation?

The MCE Animal Foundation is a specialized Non-Profit that Rehabilitates (physically and emotionally), Rescues,  and Re-Homes dogs in the US and other countries to new families in the US. We do this via our own resources and by working with various rescues in the US and other countries to find healthy dogs that are at risk of being killed and transport them to new familes.

In addition, we also act as a "halfway house" for Dogs in order to acclimatize them to being around humans (as opposed to humans that have hurt them) which, in addition to rehabilitation, insures once they are placed, they don't return to the "rescue/shelter" system. This allows rescues to focus their efforts and resources towards saving dogs from poor/hazardous conditions while we focus on their physical/mental state.

Some Facts about Shelter/Rescue Dogs

Companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year
Dogs are adopted through shelters/rescues each year. (a little under half of the total number in the Shelter system)
are Dogs alone. (Cats account for an additional 50% of animals in shelters)
Dogs in shelters animals are euthanized each year
... But, approx are returned to Shelters and/or Rescues for pet problems. Pet problems were defined as problematic behaviors, aggressive behaviors, grew larger than expected, or health problems owner couldn’t handle.
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Meet Our Core Team

Doc Miller
Doc MillerGeneral Manager
General Manager (and Co-Founder) of MCE Foundation, Doc has extensive experience in technology and business startups (both non and for profit). He's passionate about dogs (and cats though cats seem far less passionate about him) and strives to find ways to protect them. He prefers his salary in paper for coin form instead of the usual kibble.
Di-DiDirector of Security
Di-Di is our director security and usually the first greeter when a new arrival comes in, both him and Mei-Mei are the main introduction team. Di-Di hands out discipline with an iron paw which helps other dogs understand the rules. He's been a volunteer for a while, but has done so well, we have promoted to him. Fortunately for us, he works for kibble otherwise we could not afford his salary.
MinniePhysical Rehabilitation Dir.
As the youngest member of our staff, and as a disabled rescue (lost her leg in a bad home) and a sufferer of canine megaesophagus, Minnie understands the unique needs of physically disabled pups, and helps them to see their condition as a non-issue. In her spare time, she likes to race and dance. She, like Di-Di works very hard for her salary.
Megan Miller
Megan MillerInternational Outreach Dir.
CFO (and Co-Founder) of MCE Foundation) is super passionate about Dogs. She works with various international groups to help re-home dogs from less desirable countries to the US. Megan also works with the various training programs we sponsor and are part of to ensure proper dog education. She ONLY takes her salary in paper for coin form.
Cue-Cue (QQ)
Cue-Cue (QQ)Director of Outreach
Our Director of Outreach, QQ a very adventurous dog that helps bridge the gap with socially ill-adjusted pups (he's a former rescue himself). As the second to youngest member of our group, he puts his passion for adventure on display to encourage shy dogs to break out of their shell.
Mei-MeiGeneral Reviewer
Mei-Mei reviews ALL dogs that enter our various programs, looking for potential problem cases and helps to figure out which programs are best suited for new dogs.
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